Statement on Liturgy and Climate Change

Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission

Liturgy in a Time of Climate Crisis: The Collegeville Statement

In the hottest summer on record on our planet, the Council of the Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission (APLM) met from July 17 to 21 to launch a year-long program accompanying six congregations in the US and Canada as they develop new resources and practices for worship and mission in response to the urgency of the climate crisis.

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A Note from the New Moderators

Pray Tell didn’t simply begin on January 1, 2010. With its first post by Anthony Ruff, OSB, Pray Tell took up the work begun at Saint John’s in 1926 with the first issue of Orate Fratres (now Worship), a liturgical review dedicated to advancing what was increasingly being named “the liturgical movement.”

In its own time, Orate Fratres was part of a larger movement across the world, across language groups, across cultures, and across churches that sought the revitalization of the church and her liturgy:

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Summer Course in Trier: “Understanding the Bible from the Liturgy”

Catholic University of America and the Theologische Fakultät Trier announced a summer program of interest to graduate students of liturgy – flyer here.

● 3-credit course “Understanding the Bible from the Liturgy” in Trier (in English; see the course description below)
● Visit to the Archive and Library of the German Liturgical Institute: A glimpse behind the liturgical reform after Vatican II (in reference to the course).
● Use research opportunities at the theological libraries in Trier, esp. at the Library of the German Liturgical Institute. It is one of the best international libraries for liturgical studies in the world (including sacred art and music; in various languages, esp. German, English, and French; 75,000 volumes and 250 journals).

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New Leadership at Pray Tell Blog

I’m very happy to introduce the two talented individuals who will be moderating Pray Tell blog beginning this Friday, September 1: Katharine Harmon and Nathan Chase. As previously announced, I am stepping down as moderator, but will stay on as a writer and member of the editorial committee. As I pass the baton into the capable hands of Katie and Nathan, I know that Pray Tell will continue as ever in its mission to “promote the ongoing renewal of the liturgy and its transformative effects in the life of the Church and the world.”

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Ordering Hospitality: Christian celebrations “on the same page”

In the recent annals of Pray Tell Blog, you can find a brief report from the August 2023 Maynooth gathering of Societas Liturgica by Rita Ferrone. It was, as she says, a joyful gathering after a long in-person absence, and an extremely fulsome and busy congress. Societas Liturgica is always ecumenical, and that was highlighted this time by the thematic focus on liturgy and ecumenism. Although we were sadly missing many of our Eastern Christian siblings, there was an ecumenical breadth of Western Christianity reflected in the attendees and in the daily prayers. Any time Christians pray together across ecclesial communal lines (and increasingly, within particular communities) we need a road map so that participation can be facilitated – participation in the elements of the corporate prayer being observed and participation in a sense of the movement of the prayer and how it calls each individual to move together as the body of Christ in glorifying God and engaging in our corporate sanctification. Continue reading “Ordering Hospitality: Christian celebrations “on the same page””