A Note from the New Moderators

Pray Tell didn’t simply begin on January 1, 2010. With its first post by Anthony Ruff, OSB, Pray Tell took up the work begun at Saint John’s in 1926 with the first issue of Orate Fratres (now Worship), a liturgical review dedicated to advancing what was increasingly being named “the liturgical movement.”

In its own time, Orate Fratres was part of a larger movement across the world, across language groups, across cultures, and across churches that sought the revitalization of the church and her liturgy:

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Summer Course in Trier: “Understanding the Bible from the Liturgy”

Catholic University of America and the Theologische Fakultät Trier announced a summer program of interest to graduate students of liturgy – flyer here.

● 3-credit course “Understanding the Bible from the Liturgy” in Trier (in English; see the course description below)
● Visit to the Archive and Library of the German Liturgical Institute: A glimpse behind the liturgical reform after Vatican II (in reference to the course).
● Use research opportunities at the theological libraries in Trier, esp. at the Library of the German Liturgical Institute. It is one of the best international libraries for liturgical studies in the world (including sacred art and music; in various languages, esp. German, English, and French; 75,000 volumes and 250 journals).

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Changes at Pray Tell

Pray Tell is pleased to announce coming changes in its operations. Beginning September 1, this blog will be housed at Saint John’s Abbey rather than Liturgical Press, and it will operate in collaboration with Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary. Fr. Anthony Ruff, O.S.B., is stepping down as blog moderator but will continue as a contributing writer and member of the editorial team. Pray Tell will continue as ever in its mission to “promote the ongoing renewal of the liturgy and its transformative effects in the life of the Church and the world.”

Pray Tell is deeply grateful to Liturgical Press for its sponsorship of the blog for more than thirteen years. Pray Tell looks forward to collaborating with the School of Theology and Seminary, which will now support a student worker position at the blog.

The blog is moving to a simplified layout, similar to what it had originally, which will make posting easier for contributors. In line with a reduced workload for moderator and student worker, beginning September 1st there will not be readers’ comments at the website. All previous comments since the beginning of the blog in 2010 will remain up. It is not anticipated that the number of posts will be reduced, and in fact it is anticipated that the frequency of posts might increase in coming months and years.

Fr. Anthony reports that he looks forward to devoting more time to writing posts for Pray Tell, which was always his first passion. With this transition he will also have a bit more time in the classroom.

Pray Tell sees itself as a wondrous movement for liturgical renewal. Thank you to all our loyal readers for joining us in this important work of service to the churches!