“Cathedral” or “Monastic?” (or: Of Studies, Liturgical, Part V)

Comprehensive exams are just around the corner! In the next few weeks, I’ll be wrapping up my reading, and posting the remaining topics for your perusal.

TOPIC 4 (Liturgical Prayer [Daily Office]; Early Liturgy):
“Cathedral” and “Monastic” in the Early Office: State of the Question

In the early development of Christian daily prayer, scholars have distinguished two types of officia, the so-called “cathedral” or popular office and the “monastic” office, each with its distinguishing features and underlying spirituality. This topic explores the status quaestionis on the usefulness of the cathedral/monastic distinction in light of what is known of the early office today.

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2 responses to ““Cathedral” or “Monastic?” (or: Of Studies, Liturgical, Part V)”

  1. Jordan Zarembo Avatar
    Jordan Zarembo

    Thank you again Fr. Cody for sharing your bibliographies. I’ve bookmarked all your progress reports along the way. I write my major comp in less than a week (next Thursday), so to be honest I am drained of all concentration. Perhaps over the summer I can regain the ability to think critically.

    Best of luck as you prepare to write soon.

  2. Stephen Manning Avatar
    Stephen Manning

    Twas one of the great missed opportunities of Vatican II that it did not set up a process to create a “cathedral” style Roman rite Office, –Lauds, Vespers, and Compline–in a single volume! for parishes, apostolic religious congregations and families.

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