• Ecumenical Affirmation and Admonition Revisited

    What happens to you, happens to me, as both Tertullian and St. Paul would say. In Christ, it would be wrong to think that what you do in assembly and at Mass does not concern me as a Lutheran Christian.

  • Translation roundup

    It’s been a long road, folks, and we’re not there yet. 17 years on one revised translation, all for naught, then some ten years on this translation which perhaps isn’t yet finalized.

  • A Crisis of Reception – COMPLETE!

    We have now published the entire master’s thesis by J. Peter Nixon, “A Crisis of Reception: The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy and the Debate over the English Translation of the Roman Missal.”

  • The Translation Process: a Primer

    There are two stages in the consideration of the ICEL translation the USCCB: A “Green Book” Consultation and a Canonical Vote on the ICEL “Gray Book.”

  • “A Cold Wind from Rome” by Bishop Taylor

    If the conferences of bishops, or even the conference presidents, had claimed that their legitimate authority had been infringed upon by the [Roman] congregation’s behavior, is it too fanciful to dream that it might have led to a thorough examination of the role and activities of the Roman Curia?

  • Missal: A Work in Progress

    The Vatican’s approval of the Missal was for a work in progress.

  • Issues in Missal Production

    It’s harder than you might think to produce a vernacular (eg English) missal. What should be included? Well, everything that’s in the Latin missal, you say. And then the discussion begins.

  • The Genius of the Roman Rite, by Keith Pecklers SJ

    The author, Professor of Liturgy at the Pontifical Gregorian University and Professor of Liturgical History at the Pontifical Liturgical Institute in Rome, is a well-known writer and speaker; and he has done us all a service with this timely book. It should be required reading for anyone concerned with the forthcoming new Missal, translation for…

  • Archbishop Coleridge’s Perth Address

    Here is the audio file of Archibishop Mark Coleridge’s address in Perth on the upcoming English missal.