A Note from the New Moderators

Pray Tell didn’t simply begin on January 1, 2010. With its first post by Anthony Ruff, OSB, Pray Tell took up the work begun at Saint John’s in 1926 with the first issue of Orate Fratres (now Worship), a liturgical review dedicated to advancing what was increasingly being named “the liturgical movement.”

In its own time, Orate Fratres was part of a larger movement across the world, across language groups, across cultures, and across churches that sought the revitalization of the church and her liturgy:

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New Leadership at Pray Tell Blog

I’m very happy to introduce the two talented individuals who will be moderating Pray Tell blog beginning this Friday, September 1: Katharine Harmon and Nathan Chase. As previously announced, I am stepping down as moderator, but will stay on as a writer and member of the editorial committee. As I pass the baton into the capable hands of Katie and Nathan, I know that Pray Tell will continue as ever in its mission to “promote the ongoing renewal of the liturgy and its transformative effects in the life of the Church and the world.”

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Singing — or not singing — the antiphons of the Roman Missal

This is a revised and much-expanded version of comments made in several previous threads.

Purpose of the antiphons

Fr Pierre Jounel, the French liturgist and teacher who was a member of a number of the working groups of the Consilium in the years following Sacrosanctum Concilium, said in the course of a lecture in 1977 that those responsible for the liturgical reforms seriously contemplated omitting the antiphons from the 1969/70 Missale Romanum altogether. He said the only reason they retained the antiphons was so that those who wanted to continue to use the Latin chants of the Graduale could do so. The phrase he used was “to placate the Gregorianists”. Continue reading “Singing — or not singing — the antiphons of the Roman Missal”