A Prayer in Communion with All Creation

Creator God, mystery of love that sustains the universe:

In the beginning, you called forth all that is.

To this day, you accompany your creation on its journey through time.

All you have created rightly gives you praise.

We join our voices with the sublime choir of creation that ceaselessly sings your praise.

With all that exists, we worship you, Giver of life, and Source of all flourishing.

We confess, before you and all creation, that we have not always mirrored your care for your world.

We lament the wounds we have inflicted on the earth community, and commit ourselves to changing our ways.

Send out your Spirit, Creator God, and renew the face of your earth.                                                                                                                                          

Awaken in us passionate love and generous care for creation,

so that we may join with its countless voices in singing your praise.