Societas Meet Up

Two weeks from today, Societas Liturgica’s biennial Congress will start here in Maynooth. The Congress will have the theme of Liturgy and Ecumenism.  Over four days over 200 liturgists and scholars of liturgy will gather to reflect on this vital theme (for more details on the theme see pages 8-12 of the Societas’ newsletter).

A number of PrayTell contributors will be present at the Congress.  So hopefully some of the fruits of the discussion will contribute to future blog posts.

One of the challenges of contributing and reading a blog like this, is that there is not a lot of in person interaction.  The comments can be lively, but most readers don’t comment. In case anybody who reads or contributes to PrayTell would like to get together to share impressions and suggestions, I propose that we meet up and talk during the Tuesday (August 8) afternoon coffee break.

2 thoughts on “Societas Meet Up

  1. I’m game…maybe you can remind us somehow at the outset of Societas when we have our calendars, etc.

  2. I will be there. Looking forward to seeing you, James and Neil, and I know that Nathan will be there too. Hope to see many of our contributors (and readers) on August 8.

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