Yale Organ Week: Now Accepting Applications

The Yale Institute of Music is offering an opportunity for advanced undergraduate organ students to spend the week of June 18-24th on campus receiving daily organ lessons, participating in workshops, and hearing performances by faculty.

Any student who will be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate program in 2023-24 or who has just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2023 is eligible to apply. For more information and to apply, visit the ISM’s website.







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  1. Rita Ferrone Avatar
    Rita Ferrone

    There are a couple of things I found worthy of note in this offering, and I mention them here in case readers may not get to the fine print.

    First of all, it’s free. There’s an application fee, but then they pay the whole way for these students to spend the week learning with world-class instructors.

    Second, at first glance the announcement looks purely like organ performance of a conservatory variety is the focus, and surely performance excellence is prized, but there’s also liturgical savoir faire among these faculty.

    James O’Donnell, new to the ISM faculty, is going to be part of this, and he is a renowned church musician — he just stepped down as music director for Westminster Abbey to take the job at Yale. Martin Jean, director of the ISM, is also deeply committed to church music — he is actively involved in the Lutheran tradition. So, if any promising young organ students are thinking about a career in church music, these would be really inspiring people to get to know.

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