In This Issue: Liturgy 37, no. 3 (2022) “Pentecostalism and Historic Churches”

Liturgy is the journal of The Liturgical Conference, an ongoing movement within the ecumenical church founded in 1940. It advocates for the renewal of liturgy, supports the formation of liturgical people, and seeks the unity of the Body of Christ, for the life of the world.

Introduction: Pentecostalism and Historic Churches
Matthew Sigler

Charismatic Piety: Uncovering the Hidden Impact of the Charismatic Movement
Deborah A. Wong

Fr. Dennis Bennet and the Charismatic Renewal at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Matthew Sigler

Charismatic Ambassadors:
How the Charismatic Renewal Fueled the Rise of Covenant Communities

Billy Kangas

The Union of Charismatic Orthodox Churches
Emilio Alvarez

Who’s Minding the Music?:
The Impact of Charismatic Renewal on Southern Baptist Training of Worship Leaders

Emily Snider Andrews

Between the Ordo and the Frontier:
The Struggle to Define an American Lutheran Worship Identity for the Twenty-First Century

Adam A. Perez and Victoria Larson



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