GOSPEL COMMUNION: 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

June 26 2022 : 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Since none of the antiphons provided in the Missal or Graduale relate to the scriptures today, the Collegeville Composers opted for an antiphon which takes up not only Luke 9:57-62, part of today’s Gospel but also the 1st Reading from 1 Kings 19, in which Elisha vows to follow Elijah. Freely following Jesus is certainly a central theme in this Sunday’s liturgy of the word.

The antiphon is set as an ostinato, repeated over and over, with superimposed verses from Psalm 31(30), also suggested in the Graduale, which speak of taking refuge in the Lord.

An extract from the demo recording on the CD We Will Follow You, Lord will be found here.






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