Pray Tell Bracket: Best Wesley Hymn Texts – Champion

In an incredibly close scoring final round with only a 5 vote difference, we have our winner! The Pray Tell Blog community has decided that the best Charles Wesley hymn text of all time is Love Divine, All Love Excelling.

Thank you for joining us in this year’s Pray Tell Bracket! 







2 responses to “Pray Tell Bracket: Best Wesley Hymn Texts – Champion”

  1. Michael Slusser Avatar
    Michael Slusser

    “Come let us join our friends above” should be in this autumn’s bracket. It works well for Nov. 1-2. I crib from it shamelessly in funeral preaching, too, and at other times.

  2. Karl Liam Saur Avatar
    Karl Liam Saur

    IF this is done again, links to texts should be embedded in the choices. I suspect that the results here involved considerable selection bias based on a heavily Catholic readership less familiar with the larger canon of Wesley lyrics.

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