Hispano-Mozarabic Illationes for Advent: A Euchological Enrichment, Part Six

The set of six Illationes for Advent in the present-day Hispano-Mozarabic rite concludes by lauding God the Father for giving Christ the mission of reconciling humanity to God. This Illatio does not seem directly inspired by the texts appointed for the Sixth Sunday of Advent so much as serve as a theological reflection on the process and effects of Christ’s redeeming activity. [Once again I remind the reader that my slavishly literal translation of the Latin text is not intended for liturgical use.]

[Protocol]: Dignum et iustum est, vere aequum et salutare est, / nos te, Deum nostrum ac Dominum, colladare;

It is right and just, truly proper and salutary, / for us together to praise you, our God and Lord,

[Body]: qui, pietatis tuae magnitudinem / a nostrae humilitatis inopia non distulisti, / sed errorum nostrorum miseratus piacula, / Unigenitum tuum nostrae infirmitatis redemptionem misisti, / qui nobis vitae aeternae ianuam patefaceret, / et omnem pravi seductoris / a nostris mentibus dominatum excluderet, / nosque suae opitulationis advocatione / tibi, Deo nostro, per sancti operis exercitia reconciliaret.

Who [i.e., God the Father] did not keep the greatness of your benevolence / from the poverty of our humility, / but filled with pity for the sins of our errors, / you sent your Only-Begotten [Son] as redemption for our infirmity, / who [i.e., Christ] might open up for us the entrance to eternal life / and might remove all control of the vicious seducer / from our minds, / and by the pleading of his [i.e., Christ’s] assistance  / might reconcile us to you, our God, through the practices of holy work.

[Eschatocol]: Cui merito omnes Angeli et Archangeli / non cessant clamare cotidie, / una voce dicentes:

To whom [i.e., God the Father] all Angels and Archangels rightly / do not cease to cry out daily, / declaring with one voice:

I hope that these few examples of the euchology of a Western tradition of liturgical prayer different from the Roman Rite might enrich our prayer as we enter more deeply into the season of Advent.

Featured image: Title page of the Missale Mixtum secundum regulam beati Isidori (1500).






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