Study hymnody online with Fr. Anthony Ruff OSB

Fr. Anthony Ruff is offering a 3-credit graduate course, “Liturgical Song,” spring semester 2022, from January 10 to May 5. Online students will zoom into the live class which meets Mondays 1:15 – 4:25 pm CDT.

This course treats the nature of the liturgical assembly and the theological basis for sung participation. Genres studied include liturgical sung dialogues and chants; psalms, especially responsorial psalmody; service music and Mass settings; and extensive treatment of the history of hymnody, including more recent repertoire from various cultures.    

Course information is here: Click here to register.

Here are comments from past participants in this course:

Knowing the backdrop of the different eras in hymnody was also especially useful…my idea of liturgical song has expanded … I gained a much, much wider view of the possibilities for music in worship … there are certain things that I now consider indispensable knowledge, and I’m honestly not sure how I got along without it before … well-chosen readings … the course was balanced and well planned … we learned so much and, during class, I never found myself bored or feeling uninterested in anything we did. Fr. Anthony is a delight! …

100% of students ranked the course as a whole, the course content, and the instructor’s contribution to the course as either excellent or very good.

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2 responses to “Study hymnody online with Fr. Anthony Ruff OSB”

  1. Bill Fay Avatar
    Bill Fay

    I am wondering what texts Fr Anthony will use in this very interesting class on Liturgical Song.

    1. Anthony Ruff, OSB Avatar
      Anthony Ruff, OSB

      In addition to lots of handouts and articles and weblinks and the like, the course texts are: Joseph Gelineau, Liturgical Assembly; John Witvliet, The Biblical Psalms in Christian Worship; William Reynolds/Milburn Price, Survey of Christian Hymnody; C. Michael Hawn, ed., New Songs of Celebration Render. The excellent Gelineau text is out of print and I’m now dealing with that.

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