Where did Mass in Latin come from?

We’ve all wondered, haven’t we, where the Latin language came from and how it came into the liturgy. A Pray Tell reader put me on to a helpful explanation. This is from the ever-usefu Low Churchman’s Guide to the Solemn High Mass. I see they’ve been keeping loyal Anglicans safe from superstition since 2013. Someone’s gotta do it.









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  1. Edward Morris Avatar
    Edward Morris

    I trust you are not having a swipe at Anglicans; even in humour.
    I used to be an Anglican before becoming a convert, and had great spiritual blessings during my time in the Anglican Church.
    Anglicans, at least, seem to have mastered the art of translating Latin into beautiful English; and IMHO could teach our “vox clara” (should that be “vox obscura”) committee a thing or two.

    1. James B Smith Avatar
      James B Smith

      Spot on!

    2. Christopher Lazowski OSB Avatar

      That blog, “The Low Churchman’s Guide”, is pretty obviously by Anglo-Catholics. It’s a very Anglican and English type of humour, in the Style of “1066 and All That”. It’s all about Anglicans having a swipe at Anglicans. They do it all the time. The more deeply high they are, the more they do, at the expense of Evos and other Low Church types who tend to earnest po-facedness. The v best expression of this was “Not the Church Times” (a one-off spoof), containing, among the short notices, such gems as: SODALITY OF ST. ANNE, Grandmother of God. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, ANNUAL WALSINGHAM DEVOTIONS 1:15 P.M., Evensong, Preacher: Fr. Very Careful.; 2,00 P.M.; Shrine Prayers; 2.30 P.M., Procession to Boot Chapel; 2:43 P.M: Sprinklings; 4:00 P.M., Vespers. Holy Annie, God’s Ganny, Ora Pro Nobis. Refreshmets will be available in the Hospice after Vespers, please bring own tonic.

      1. Christopher Lazowski OSB Avatar

        The whole thing is available here, thanks to the rector of St. Bartholomew the Great in the City and diocese of London: https://www.greatstbarts.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/NottheChurchTimes.pdf

        The above is a copy and paste from the pdf and some letters fell out along the way.

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