Yale Offers Summer Course in Music for Funerals

Professor Markus Rathey of the Yale Institute of Sacred Music will be offering a virtual one-week summer course on funeral music through the ages, as part of the Yale Divinity School summer programs. The course will be offered June 7-11, and is open to anyone, anywhere.

Here is the title and description:

Sounds of Death and Mourning: Requiems and Funeral Songs through the Ages

Join Markus Rathey in an exploration of different responses to death and dying in music: music and palliative care in the Middle Ages, settings of the traditional Requiem text by Mozart and others, Protestant funeral compositions by Bach, Schütz, Purcell, Handel . . . and more, each reflecting a unique way of dealing with the sorrows of death, the fear of dying, and the hopes for a world to come. How do we today use music in funerals and care of the dying? How can we learn from the past in our own ways of using music in funerals?

For more information, and to register, visit the registration page. 

The course is limited to 19 participants.

Included in the package, for those who register, is a keynote address from David Kelsey, daily worship, and a workshop with Sarah Drummond entitled “Leading Change: Three Schools of Thought.”

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