60-Second Sermon: Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Rory Cooney reflects on the Gospel Reading (Mark 1:21-28) for the Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time, (31 January 2020) for our 60-Second Sermon Series.






3 responses to “60-Second Sermon: Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time”

  1. William Frederick deHaas Avatar
    William Frederick deHaas

    Very good, Rory – in these times, am reminded of the statement (MLK?) that Sunday morning is the most segregated hours in America. Would add to your excellent discourse the reality that suggests – do we vote for whiteness or for democracy. Will let you translate using today’s scripture.

    1. Rory Cooney Avatar
      Rory Cooney

      Thanks, Bill. It’s hard to think of exorcisms as so important in the ministry of Jesus unless we see them in the context of domination systems (which seems to be Marks’s POV). When we do it becomes much easier to translate the urgency to present day. Racism (as you say) and gender bias, class war, all kinds of systemic evil simply goes under our radar as members of the dominant classes. After 2020, it’s a little more exposed. We have the opportunity to step in and be good news if we’re willing to turn things around, starting with ourselves. It’s so easy (and enabling of the demons) to just go back to sleep.

      1. William Frederick deHaas Avatar
        William Frederick deHaas

        Thank you for the reply. Read Wilkerson’s Caste.

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