RIP Reginald Foster – updated

Pray Tell has received word from Fr. Daniel McCarthy OSB that legendary Latinist Fr. Reginald Foster passed away on Christmas Day morning. Links to news articles, videos, and publications are found here. Requiescat in pace Reginaldus!


Vatican News offered this brief announcement.

The New York Times published a warm and much more detailed obituary. You can read it here. 

Pope Francis sent a telegram of condolence. Fittingly, the text was in Latin. It was shared by the Vatican Secretary of State. Here is the letter, posted to Twitter by Fr. Bernard Mulcahy, OP.








3 responses to “RIP Reginald Foster – updated”

  1. Dr.Cajetan Coelho Avatar
    Dr.Cajetan Coelho

    Respectul farewell to Fr. Reginald Foster.

  2. Brian Duffy Avatar
    Brian Duffy

    There has been much chatter about Reggie the Latinist and the teacher, but I haven’t read much about him as the priest. One memory I treasure of him is as the priest. Back in the summer of ‘92 the dynamic Amy High, of blessed memory, persuaded Reggie to offer mass one Saturday night after our last class of the day.

    The liturgy was entirely in Latin including the sermon and the prayers of the people. In his sermon comments on the lections I remember being surprised how he said that Cicero, Catullus, Virgil or Horace with all their brilliance were not as fortunate as we since we experience the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ every day through Word, Sacrament and interactions with folks.

    Saturday night masses continued that summer along with ‘sub arboribus’ which was a kind of agape but with a Reggie twist, to wit: wine, bread and patristic sermons to be translated.

    Ave Atque Vale!

  3. Brian Duffy Avatar
    Brian Duffy

    John Byron Kuhner has a loving account of the funeral mass and burial of Father Foster which I recently saw on Facebook. He has written splendid appreciations of Father, and as I understand it, is working on a biography. Such devotion from a student for his teacher is so edifying.

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