Mass in Time of Pandemic – texts

The Congregation for Divine Worship has issued new Mass texts in time of pandemic. Here, in English and Spanish, are the Mass orations and two sets of suggested Scripture readings.

Mass in Time of Pandemic PRAYERS

Mass in Time of Pandemic READINGS

The Mass in Time of Pandemic may be used for the duration of the pandemic – but not on liturgical days such as the Triduum; solemnities; Sundays of Advent, Lent, and Easter; days of Holy Week; All Souls Day, Ash Wednesday.







5 responses to “Mass in Time of Pandemic – texts”

  1. Joshua Vas Avatar
    Joshua Vas

    The Collect tries to cram too much into one prayer……. the alternatives in the 1998 Sacramentary were much more elegant, despite their own limitations.

  2. Juan Enrique de la Rica Barriga Avatar
    Juan Enrique de la Rica Barriga

    Is it only for this pandemy, or can be used in future in simillar cases? Is there an official latin text?

    1. Anthony Ruff, OSB Avatar
      Anthony Ruff, OSB

      Yes, it’s available in Latin and multiple languages at the CDW site.

  3. Fr Paul J. McDonald Avatar

    The Vatican thinks this will all keep going past All Souls Day?!?

    1. Fr Jonathan How Avatar
      Fr Jonathan How

      I presume that the provision for All Souls is that this is a new and permanent text for the Missal rather than just for now. I have to say that when I first thumbed through the missal that there wasn’t one for epidemic / pandemic.

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