Sacred Word, Sacred Image

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An image of Christ, a candle, and some Scripture can provide a helpful space to pray.

In this time of Eucharistic fast, it is helpful to remember the ways that Christ is present to His Church. He is not only in the Eucharistic species, not only in the gathered assembly, not only in the person of the priest, but also in the sacred Word. Because Jesus is “the Word made flesh,” he is the Word made visible, and so He is the dynamic of God present in concrete, sacramental ways. In the Eastern tradition as well as the West, we have a history of sacred images making the Word of God visible. These sacred images help us remember the presence of God. In a time when so many of us do not have access to Christ in the Eucharist, we can take comfort in the encounter with Christ the Word, both in Sacred Scripture, but also in his sacred image.

Sacred images come in different kinds. Liturgical images serve to amplify the action of liturgy, to make visible the invisible elements of what is happening. Devotional images serve to help us deepen our personal prayer, either at church or in our own homes. Catechetical images serve to teach the stories and truths of the faith. Whether in the form of statues, icons, stained glass windows, or other media, the sacred image is meant to draw us closer to God in prayer.

While many of us are spending more time at home, physically apart from the worshiping community, it may be helpful to create a prayer space with sacred images, Scripture, and perhaps a candle. In the presence of these sacramentals, we are reminded that we are in the presence of Jesus. The face of Christ visible in a devotional image helps provide focus to prayer when our minds are racing elsewhere. Prayer with Scripture allows Christ the Word to enter our hearts, even if we cannot presently receive him under the sign of consecrated bread and wine, or gather as his People. Let us embrace this opportunity for the domestic church to flourish!






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  1. Charles H Rohrbacher Avatar
    Charles H Rohrbacher

    Thank you so much, Sr. Jeana, for the timely reminder that during this time during which we are separated from the Christ present in the celebration of the Eucharist, Christ, the Word of God is present to us in the sacred scriptures and in his holy icon (the Word of God in line and color.)
    The Lord,(as well as the Mother of God and the saints) is always present to us, but invisibly. His holy image makes the Lord’s presence sensibly visible in order to make present to us his consoling, healing and saving love. In the images of his Mother and of the saints, who share now in his glory, we see the fulfillment of our own transfiguration and transformation by grace.
    As we gaze on the image of the Lord and of the saints, (especially in this time of necessary separation) we are assured of the indivisible bond of the communion of love with Christ, Mary, the saints and with each other.

  2. Ron Jones Avatar
    Ron Jones

    I have been sending my Lectors pdf files of the Liturgy of the Hours to pray together (from a distance) for the needs of all people in our parish and in the world.
    I also sent them this image from Rio De Janeiro which many of you have already seen.

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