INTROITUS: Transfiguration

Tibi dixit cor meum, quaesivi vultum tuum, vultum tuum Domine requiram: ne avertas faciem tuam a me.

“My heart says to you: I seek your face. I need your face, Lord, do not turn away your face away from me.” (Ps 27(26):8–9)

Click here to listen to an audio of the chant.
Sung by Liborius Lumma, Innsbruck (Austria).

I already commented this introit on the Second Sunday of Lent and on St. Mary Magdalene.

In the context of transfiguration we can focus on the powerful changes that the dialogue with God (or “being in his view” in the metaphorical expression of this introit) can bring to our lives.

Transfiguration is not a single event in Jesus’ life, it is model for what can happen to all of us if we seriously confront ourselves with God’s view on us.



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