Gregorian Chant with Anthony Ruff: January 16-19

Study Gregorian Chant with expert specialist Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB – January 16-19, 2019. Offered by Saint John’s School of Theology•Seminary in Collegeville, MN. Total cost for the intensive course is $425. Room and board at the beautiful Abbey Guesthouse is available for those who make reservations immediately – email to Register here – select LMUS 468, Gregorian Chant Workshop.

The course is open to anyone with interest in Gregorian Chant who has some music background – e.g., note reading ability for 5-line notation, basics of key signatures and intervals. The course will be a practical seminar on singing Latin chant well, including practical information for its use in the liturgy. Covered will be an overview of history; chant editions and resources; notation; rhythm and interpretation; Latin pronunciation; conducting; rehearsal techniques; and some advanced study of early notation  (St. Gall and Metz schools) as found in the Graduale Triplex.

Wednesday, January 16:  6:30–8:30 pm.
Thursday January 17: 9–11 am; 2:30–4:30 pm; singing practice and chanted Compline 7-8:30.
Friday, January 19:  9–11 am; 2:30–4:30pm ; singing practice and chanted Compline 7-8:30.
Saturday, January 20:  8-10 am.








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  1. Franz Karl Prassl Avatar
    Franz Karl Prassl

    Anthony, I am very happy for you giving this chant seminar
    Franz Karl

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