Do It Rite: The Organist as Conductor

In our second installment of Do It Rite, Fr. Anthony Ruff shares his expertise on the role of the organist as the leader of congregational song.








5 responses to “Do It Rite: The Organist as Conductor”

  1. John Kohanski Avatar
    John Kohanski

    Two videos on leading and preparing a hymn with the principle organist of my parish, produced by the Institute of Sacred Music at Yale University. These same to be in the same vein as yours, Father, and end by showing the hymns that he’s preparing actually being sung in the Mass.

  2. Rita Ferrone Avatar
    Rita Ferrone

    John, I thought of those videos too! Thank you for linking to them. (Full disclosure: as the editor of the ISM Review, I was responsible for including them.)

    Yes, there is a nice commonality in the subject and the insights here, between what Anthony is doing and what Tom Murray accomplished in those earlier videos.

  3. Anthony Ruff, OSB Avatar
    Anthony Ruff, OSB

    Wonderful! I studied with Thomas Murray when I was at Yale, actually. He’s a real master.

  4. John Kohanski Avatar
    John Kohanski

    You were very fortunate to be a pupil of Professor Murray. He is a true master. It’s a joy to have him on the bench at our parish.

  5. Paul Inwood Avatar
    Paul Inwood

    Nicely done, Anthony! I hope you’re also going to take a look at the Organist as Accompanist (for example in the Responsorial Psalm where the needs for supporting a single psalmist are different from those for leading a congregation). A third episode might be the Organist as Co-Worker. I’m thinking of times when the organist isn’t the leader, the cantor/song-leader is. That one might include such things as dealing with time-lag.

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