Pope Selects Painter as New Bishop in Austria

A month ago, I mentioned that the diocese of Innsbruck in Austria has been waiting for a new bishop for almost two years.

Innsbruck Cathedral (Wikimedia Commons)

It seems that the waiting is over. Media reports say that the decision has been made, and the bishop-elect is a quite interesting choice: Born in 1965, Hermann Glettler studied theology and history of art and did not only become priest, but also painter and modern artist. He has been parish priest in the diocese of Graz, episcopal vicar for affairs of charity and evangelization, also responsible for interreligious dialogue, pastoral care of foreigners, and – of course – arts.

According to the Austrian concordat, certain public authorities have to formally agree to the papal choice, so it happens very often that such news are spread before the official announcement comes. Since even the archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, has published this news on Facebook, there are no serious doubts anymore that in a few days the Holy See will announce Hermann Glettler as new bishop of Innsbruck.






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