Announcing New Video Series

The Pray Tell Blog is excited to announce a new video series that will be hosted on our site! New videos will be published bi-weekly with our first video being released Monday, September 25th.

Below you will find the Pray Tell graduate assistants Alex and Matt explaining more about the video series and what is to come.

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2 responses to “Announcing New Video Series”

  1. Scott Pluff Avatar
    Scott Pluff

    Congrats on your new video series. When you say “simple, easy videos to show you how to run a liturgy efficiently and effectively” will these be training videos? For pastoral ministers (liturgy planners) and/or volunteer liturgical ministers? There is a real need for training videos, perhaps with equal parts of “how to do it” and “why we do it this way.” I used LitPress’ videos Training the Parish Lector and Training the Eucharistic Minister until the material (and clothing and hairstyles) became too dated.

    I have before me a shelf full of LTP’s The Liturgical Ministry Series with various volumes including Guide for Lectors, Guide for EMHCs, etc. We use these excellent booklets in my parish, but I am interested in supplementing them with training videos. For ongoing formation, sending links to 3-minute videos several times per year may get greater traction than asking our volunteers to sit down once a year and re-read a 50-page book or show up on some appointed Saturday afternoon to hear a 90-minute talk.

    If I can offer any insights into what a parish liturgy director might be looking for in a training video series, please contact me at any time at 618-233-3500.

  2. Liborius Lumma Avatar

    Thanks for you introduction; I am looking forward to seeing your videos!

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