Notre Dame Folk Choir’s Steve Warner – Off to Ireland!

From the Notre Dame University Campus Ministry office:

Steve Warner, founder and director of the University of Notre Dame Folk Choir, has accepted a new role in liturgical formation with the Archdiocese of Dublin. In his nearly four decades with Campus Ministry, Steve has established the Folk Choir as a vital component of on-campus worship while contributing to our students’ lifelong faith formation. His contributions to both Campus Ministry and the University are invaluable. Please join us in congratulating him on his accomplishments and wishing him many years of success and happiness in Ireland!

5 thoughts on “Notre Dame Folk Choir’s Steve Warner – Off to Ireland!

  1. Best wishes and I hope he gets a choir to work with on a regular basis. Steve and his music have been contributing to our school liturgies for twenty years.

  2. Wow what a great opportunity. Our parish has been singing his Lord’s Prayer arrangement for years.

    p.s. I highly recommend Madigan’s pub on O’Connell street.

  3. I understand Steve has organized an Irish outreach for some years, sending ND students from the folk choir into under served Irish parishes to establish music programs. His current move seems to be a logical extension of his previous missionary work to revitalize Irish liturgy. Good luck and God bless your efforts, Steve! And good for Dublin, to recruit someone whose passion and experience will serve needy communities.

  4. I’m in Dublin right now (first time in Ireland). Based on my singular Sunday Mass experience, he has his work cut out for him!

    Best wishes and God bless!

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