CDF Document Coming

The Holy See Press Office announced today that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith will release a letter on Tuesday, June 14, titled Iuvenescit Ecclesia (“The Church Grows Young”). It will be addressed to the bishops of the Catholic Church, on the relationship between hierarchical and charismatic gifts for the life and mission of the church.

It has been noted that there have been very few documents from the CDF or CDW under Pope Francis, so it is noteworthy that this document is appearing, even if it is addressed only to bishops. It will be interesting to see whether Pope Francis simply approves it for publication as a document of the congregation or approves it in his own name.

At the press conference there will be addresses by Cardinal Müller (CDF prefect), Cardinal Ouellet (prefect of the Congregation for Bishops), Fr. Piero Coda of the International Theological Commission, and Professor María del Carmen Aparicio Valls of the Gregorian University. The text will be released in Italian, French, English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.






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    Obviously, this is in response to this NCR piece from yesterday:

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