National Catholic Youth Choir: Spread the Word!

NCYC 2016, “Psalms – The Voice of the People,” June 13 – June 25 at St. John’s in Collegeville! Spread the word. Encourage Catholic high-school students to apply! Applications due March 31.

* Need-based scholarships up to $500 available! Applications are available to those accepted to the choir.

* NEW: 2 Merit-based scholarships of $500 available to first-time participants. Application to be submitted now with the rest of the application materials – see the application form.

What choristers say about NCYC:

“An amazing experience. This is a place where I felt I could truly be me! It feels like home… It was a life-changing experience that allowed me to grow musically, spiritually, and emotionally…Amazing… One of the best experiences of my life… It changed my life… I can’t wait to come back again next year… This was an absolutely a fantastic experience, great friends, great music, great conductor, all to glorify and praise our great God… Like a dream come true!… Music, travelling, faith, friends, and fun were all intermingled into some of the most fantastic times of my life!”









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