7 thoughts on “Newly Professed Monks of St. John’s Abbey

  1. Happy and blessed to share their joy. Thank you to the Saint John’s community for welcoming us at the celebration. Hope to return soon.

  2. With great congratulations to the men who have made their vows.

    Are the lay-brother monks required to chant the entire Office as priests are obliged to do? In my high school the brothers were effectively dispensed from the Little Hours. I suspect though that the priests were bound to say the daytime prayers, but individually during their work day.

      1. @Anthony Ruff, OSB:

        Thank you Father.

        This also appears to be the same policy for the Marianists who taught me. All take the same vows. This perhaps was not always the case, but now it is. I was never destined for this (or any) religious vocation, hence the confusion.

  3. The new members of the monastery are a sign of life and renewal. Well done. Prayers offered.

    Are they really blue habits or are the computer colours adrift? English Benedictines seem to use black always.

  4. Hearty congratulations to Br. Lucian Lopez OSB, Br. Isaiah Fredericks OSB, Br. Richard Crawford OSB, Br. Eric Pohlman, OSB and Br. Aidan Putnam OSB. God bless.

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