Interviews from NPM: Angela Stramaglia

This week Pray Tell will be posting the interviews we conducted at NPM. Most of them are around 5 minutes. We hope that you enjoy hearing from some of the musical and liturgical experts who attended the conference.




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  1. Virginia Meagher Avatar
    Virginia Meagher

    Campus Ministry is a great example of what it means to be welcoming and meet people where they are at again and again. This is a good model for all of the church – welcoming the newcomer, catechizing again and again, and celebrating who we are called to be as church. The need to support and strengthen our younger members is constant in the church. We cannot refer to the younger generations as “the future” church; they are the church today. Ms. Stramaglia eloquently states that importance of the life they bring to our celebrations and communities, as well as the example we must be for them at all times.

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