The Monument to Atheism in Florida; The Onion on the Universe

At Religion Dispatches: Atheist Monument: Proof of Unintelligent Design” by Gordon Haber.

The conclusion:

I suppose I should add that I believe the Florida courts made the right decision in allowing the American Atheists their monument. But it seems to me that the controversy is misplaced. According to the local Chamber of Commerce, “Bradford County provides many jobs through its many correctional facilities. Florida State Prison, or more commonly known as ‘Death Row’, is located in Bradford County.”

These facts, to my mind, are more troubling than any aesthetic offenses in Bradford County.

Meanwhile, The Onion in it’s usual cynical way expresses well what is the exact opposite of our experience as believers of the graced nature of existence. At least for me, the universe feels like this video on only about 2 days a week at most.


Universe Crueler, More Uncaring Place Than Previously Thought






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  1. John Swencki Avatar
    John Swencki

    A contemporary version of the statue “To An Unknown god” Paul encountered.

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