Tornado in Oklahoma

A week ago, as many of you know, a tornado devastated Moore, Oklahoma, an area outside of Oklahoma City. One of our Pray Tell regulars, Fr. Jack Feehily, is based in Moore, we’ve learned. His parish was listed last week as one of the disaster relief centers. We tried to contact him but (unsurprisingly) all emails have bounced back, so this is the only information we have at present. As the recovery proceeds, please keep Fr. Feehily and his parish in your prayers, along with all who have suffered in this natural disaster.






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  1. Jack Feehily Avatar
    Jack Feehily

    Thank you so much for the prayers, we need them. The TV images are unable to accurately convey the devastation which is spread over many miles. I’ve been Pastor at Moore for 16 years and this is our fourth major tornado. Each of them has missed my home and our parish facilities by a half mile or less. This time I was close enough to hear the freight train-jet engine sound as the tornado moved by some six blocks south. Horrifying. We lost communication for five days which made it more difficult to assess and respond to needs, but we managed. Have about 60 families in affected area with about half that number with total losses. Offers of help have poured in from around the country. Absolutely amazing how a tragedy brings out the best in so many people.

    1. Charles Culbreth Avatar
      Charles Culbreth

      @Jack Feehily – comment #1:
      God bless you and keep you and all yours in Moore for these coming days, months and years.
      For levity’s sake, can I therefore conclude that MR3 wasn’t a total tragedy? 😉
      Again, having seen some tornado devastation in North Carolina recently, I can’t imagine Moore, Joplin….and all the other communities. Prayers daily will attend.

  2. Fran Rossi Szpylczyn Avatar

    Many prayers for you and all those who suffer, Fr. Fehily!

  3. Bill deHaas Avatar
    Bill deHaas

    Fr. Jack – you might want to avail yourself of this resource set up by my company:

    Key information:

    Magellan Health Services Inc. today announced that in response to the Moore, Oklahoma tornado, it has set up a 24-hour toll-free hotline to help individuals process feelings of grief, sorrow and depression following the storm, regardless of whether or not they are Magellan customers. The hotline is staffed by behavioral health professionals to offer counseling services to help people deal with the feelings of fear, sadness, anger and hopelessness that can occur following natural disasters. The number is 1-800-327-7451. Additionally, the company has posted a toolkit of materials on its website. These materials are available at The site can also provide information with regard to shelters and available sources for food and water.

    “The massive tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma was historic in its scale and devastation, and it’s important at this time of need that all of us step up to help those impacted,” said Barry M. Smith, Magellan’s CEO. “As a national leader in behavioral health, we want to make certain that people have access to information that can help and professionals who can counsel them. We have trained professionals standing by to counsel anyone who was directly, or indirectly, affected by this natural disaster and needs help coping.”

  4. Crystal Watson Avatar

    Fr. Feehily,

    Prayers for you guys. I saw this touching video at Andrew Sullivan’s blog …

    If people want to help pets too …

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