Archbishop Piero Marini to speak at FDLC in Erie

The 2013 annual meeting of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions will be held in Erie Pennsylvania from October 8 – 11. Its theme will be “The Christian Mystery and the Enduring Value of Sacrosanctum Concilium.”

A study day held on October 9 will feature three guest speakers: Archbishop Piero Marini, Sister Diane Bergant, CSA, and Archbishop Samuel Aquila. The meeting is open to the public. Full information concerning costs and registration is available on their press release.


4 responses to “Archbishop Piero Marini to speak at FDLC in Erie”

  1. Jack Rakosky Avatar
    Jack Rakosky

    This is good news. Erie is only a hour’s drive from my home.

    Presque Isle is a very beautiful place, and the week this is being held is usually the high point of the fall foliage season.

    Do many parish types go to these or is it pretty much diocesan officials? I have not looked at the hotel rates, but just the registration fee seems expensive for parish staff.

    1. Kyle Lechtenberg Avatar
      Kyle Lechtenberg

      @Jack Rakosky – comment #1:
      Jack, there is often a diocesan day near the end of the meeting geared towards parish liturgical/music ministry staff and volunteers. I’m not sure yet about details on the 2013 meeting, but I’ll keep my eyes open and reach out to you when I learn.

      1. Jack Rakosky Avatar
        Jack Rakosky

        @Kyle Lechtenberg – comment #2:
        The schedule is here:

        Tuesday seems boringly bureaucratic (I am a former mental health bureaucrat).

        Wednesday, the study day with all the speakers, looks pretty exciting. I had a course from Diane Bergant one summer at Notre Dame. She was certainly the best teacher I have ever had.

        Thursday and Friday again look boringly bureaucratic. What is the Mystagogy about?

        Saturday looks like the local liturgy day you were talking about.

        Sounds to me like they should have done the Wednesday program on the Friday and had Friday and Saturday for the general public, and let the bureaucrats do their things on the other days. .

  2. Paul Inwood Avatar
    Paul Inwood

    According to this: Piero Marini is speaking on the Wednesday and Bp Trautman is speaking on the parish day (Saturday).

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