German Cardinal Lehmann Criticizes Pope Benedict on Vatileaks

Cardinal Karl Lehmann of Mainz, Germany expressed criticism of retired Pope Benedict XVI in an interview with FOCUS. It displeases him that Benedict himself didn’t say all he knew about the Vatileaks affair when questioned by the cardinals.

Cardinal Lehmann expects of the new Pope Francis that he bring in those Catholics who in past years “perhaps were disappointed” and must be newly won over. In the interview, Lehmann clearly distanced himself from retired Pope Benedict XVI.

For the cardinals in conclave, a clarification of the Vatileaks affair took place only “partially.” Benedict ultimately kept back the secret dossier on the affair for his successor to read. In the conclave, one of the cardinals who produced the dossier “pretty much only read out the communiqué from December that we all knew.”

Cardinal Lehmann said to FOCUS, “One had the impression here that we pose questions but no one answers them.” Asked if the secret report should be made public, the cardinal answered, “It must be dealt with.” Francis will perhaps have to consider seriously whether he wishes to change course of action of his predecessor, for it “could also be misinterpreted.”


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