“Twin Cities Mass Settings” – not just for Minnesotans

This new site will interest Pray Tell readers: “Twin Cities Mass Settings.” It’s run by Michael Silhavy, friend of PTB who has contributed here frequently. You already know that Michael is an astute commentator on things musical.

From the first post:

I’m happy that these next few months will find me actively involved with the musical aspects of implementing the new Missal… I’m hoping to offer a little tidbit on this blog every weekday… I’ll use this site to announce workshops, recommend resources and provide links to others sites. I may stray into an occassional recommendation or even a tangential topic like the revised Grail Psalms.

I’ve bookmarked this one – so should you.



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  1. minnesota wild schedule…

    […]“Twin Cities Mass Settings” – not just for Minnesotans « PrayTellBlog[…]…

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