Bishop Trautman Retiring

The Wilkes-Barre, PA based Times Leader is reporting that Retiring Erie bishop backed simpler English Mass. Bishop Donald Trautman has been bishop of the Diocese of Erie, PA since 1990.





11 responses to “Bishop Trautman Retiring”

  1. Mark Harden Avatar
    Mark Harden

    I am ineffably conflicted regarding his retirement.

  2. Mitch Powers Avatar
    Mitch Powers

    And what would be the street term for “Rabble-Rouser” which he is quoted for having said? Not easily understandable to the guy in the pew reading the interview. Good Luck Bishop.

  3. Fr. Steve Sanchez Avatar
    Fr. Steve Sanchez

    May the Bishop’s retirement bring upon him refreshment like the dew(fall).

  4. Dylan Bahrkuhr Avatar
    Dylan Bahrkuhr

    All kidding aside, may God reward His Excellency for the many good things I’m sure he’s done shepherding the flock of Erie.

    Our Lady, Queen of Bishops, pray for Bishop Trautman!
    St. Peter, pray for Bishop Trautman!

    1. Chris Grady Avatar
      Chris Grady

      Queen of Bishops? Oh that’s TOO much!!!

  5. Jeffrey Herbert Avatar

    I suspect that freed from the constraints of being a sitting Bishop, he will continue to make his voice heard about the translation issue, perhaps even more loudly.

  6. Gerard Flynn Avatar
    Gerard Flynn

    I hope so.

  7. Joe O'Leary Avatar
    Joe O’Leary

    I admired the celerity with which his office got the howler in a text of the Roman Missal on the USBCC website (Mary the mother of Joseph her spouse) corrected when I drew it to their attention. I admired his honest speech at the USBCC conference, where we was ignored by his fellow bishops, who passed the 2008 translations with every sign of irresponsibility. I hope his voice continues to sound loudly as the pastoral disaster unfolds.

    1. Karl Liam Saur Avatar
      Karl Liam Saur

      I had the sense that his second turn at bat was not so much a vote of confidence in his perspective but an attempt to co-opt him bt preventing a more able advocate from ruddering the process.

      Frankly, I’ve never thought that Bp Trautman was particularly effective in the role of advocate. His focus was selective and not well-triaged (for example, he should have focused much more on the propers rather than Ordo texts that are oft-repeated and thus have a better chance at being understood by more people over time), and in that sense he is one reason that the criticisms never coalesced as well as they might have otherwise. Just because someone is an advocate doesn’t mean they are a good, let alone best, advocate. He was not the A team, as it were.

  8. Lee Bacchi Avatar
    Lee Bacchi

    I agree with Jeffrey — In his retirerent, Bishop Trautmann may be able to do more to be bring some common sense and prudential wisdom to this whole translation fiasco.

  9. Mark Harden Avatar
    Mark Harden

    Is it presumed that the Pope will, indeed, accept his pro forma resignation letter? Not necessarily, right?

    This surprised me, from the interview: “[Trautman’s] oft-publicized stance against allowing politicians who support abortion rights to speak at Catholic colleges and universities in his northwestern Pennsylvania diocese.” Turns out he was one of the many American bishops who publicly opposed Obama’s being honored by Notre Dame.
    “Bishop [Trautman]: Obama at Notre Dame ‘day of shame’ “

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