James Savage: 30 years at Seattle cathedral

Master musician James Savage has been at St. James Cathedral for thirty years – we think it’s the longest-serving cathedral musician in the country. See Fr. Ryan’s tribute to him in the parish bulletin here.

H/T: Mike McMahon, NPM.





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  1. Bruce Ludwick, Jr. Avatar
    Bruce Ludwick, Jr.

    Nope, not even close on longest in the country, admirable though Dr. Savage’s tenure is. That distinction would belong to the director at the cathedral in Savannah, GA, Patricia Schreck. Weblink here: http://savannahnow.com/stories/020206/3620268.shtml

  2. Jeff Rice Avatar
    Jeff Rice

    Looking at their bulletin/worship aid, where does the metrical version of Ps. 98 for the introit come from??

    1. Christian McConnell Avatar
      Christian McConnell

      It’s from Christopher Tietze’s collection “Introit Hymns for the Church Year,” from WLP: http://tinyurl.com/3fh92v9

      1. Thomas Strickland Avatar
        Thomas Strickland

        The acknowledgment, though not quite where the publisher would like it, does appear in mice-size type at the bottom of page 7.

      2. Jeff Rice Avatar
        Jeff Rice


  3. David Haas Avatar
    David Haas

    James Savage is the real deal…he deserves to be seen as a model pastoral musician for all of us. I have learned so much from observing him in ministry! God bless you, James!

  4. James Savage Avatar

    I know that Patricia, Grand Dame of Savannah and all Catholic Cathedral musicians in the US has my mere 30 years as a Cathedral musician nearly doubled. I have no desire to even try for her amazing, fruitful 6 decades of ministry and musical prayer. May she long continue. With deep admiration,

    James, the new-comer on the block

    1. Terry Lynn Madeleine Dillon Avatar
      Terry Lynn Madeleine Dillon

      @James Savage – comment #7:
      Long may you live, though dear Dr. Savage.

  5. Brian Garland Avatar
    Brian Garland

    What am I missing? I can’t find the tribute.

  6. RIch Thompson Avatar
    RIch Thompson

    Dennis York, Cathedral of St. Peter, Belleville, IL–at least 49 years that I know of.

  7. Katherinhe McEwen Avatar
    Katherinhe McEwen

    What about Dr. Elise Murray Cambon who was at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans for 62 years?

  8. Curtis Scott Avatar
    Curtis Scott

    On behalf of my wife and family I offer my profound thanks to Dr. Savage for enriching our lives and long marriage, and for helping us create and keep a happy family of musicians. Our membership in the choir(s) of St. James blanketed our lives and our children in deepest musical bliss. St. James remains the height of our choral achievement. How could it be otherwise? Our girls still sing all day; the oldest to her newborn. And I can still picture Jim, 11 years ago, taking our then newborn son, in his car seat, and placing him against the organ saying, “This is where we raise choir children.” That boy sings in tune and plays trombone.

    You have blessed us, Dr. Savage, Fr. Ryan and St. James Cathedral. To the end of our days your music will full our souls.

    Thank you,
    Curtis and Jeannine Scott

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