Rome diocese’s hymn for beatification of JP2

Msgr. Marco Frisina, the director of liturgy for the Diocese of Rome, a composer and director of the diocesan choir, has written a hymn for the beatification of Pope John Paul II: “Aprite le Porte a Cristo” (“Open the Doors to Christ”). Story here.

As we say in Minnesota, not half bad. Could be worse.






20 responses to “Rome diocese’s hymn for beatification of JP2”

  1. Fr. Jim Blue Avatar
    Fr. Jim Blue

    It seems servicable.

  2. Paul Inwood Avatar
    Paul Inwood

    The composer could with a few lessons in using Finale!

    1. Jeffrey Herbert Avatar

      Paul… if you mean the over-extended lyric extensions or the text intersecting the barlines, these are problems that I have experienced myself when converting FINALE scores to either PDF or Graphic formats such as this one seems to be. For some reason, the word extensions often continue past where they are supposed to, and oddly enough, score brackets, phrase markings and other Post-Script functions are often dropped out or misplaced. Can’t figure out where the bug is though…
      Of course, if you’re talking about the layout itself, I have to agree with you… but that’s more an issue of more basic compositional skills.

    2. Jeffrey Pinyan Avatar

      Let’s look at the original Latin of this comment:

      Cursus pauci in Finale musicographo prosint.

      The 2008 Paul Inwood translation was rather direct:

      A few lessons in Finale would benefit the composer.

      But the 2010/2011 Vox Clara translation, in rearranging the words and clauses, completely dropped out the prosint!

      The composer could with a few lessons in using Finale!

      1. Jeffrey Herbert Avatar

        LOL… Does anybody else have problems with a serious LAG when typing into the combox here? It results in words (like “do” in Paul’s post above) being dropped out as you can’t see what your typing. I have resorted to typing my responses in WordPad and then pasting them in, whereupon they appear instantly! Otherwise, I feel like I’m back on my old TI desktop in 1979… those of you who remember those know what I’m talking about.

      2. Karl Liam Saur Avatar
        Karl Liam Saur


        I had those problems in Firefox and Safari, but no longer do now that I switched to Chrome as my default browser.

        Btw, the simpler method is to type a few words in, submit comment, then edit it….

      3. Jeffrey Pinyan Avatar

        Glad to get a chuckle out of that, J.H.

  3. Paul F Ford Avatar

    A spellcheck error? ‘Beautification’ for ‘Beatification’? Or just being extra clever?

  4. Jeffrey Herbert Avatar

    LOL… I think you mean the “Beatification”, not the “Beautification”… some typos are more humorous than others!

    Okay… it’s not “Tu es Petrus” but like Fr. Jim said, it’s serviceable.

  5. Alan Lukas Avatar
    Alan Lukas

    I’ve listened to it twice and the melody seems to still be in my head…so yes…servicable and …nice.

  6. Anthony Ruff, OSB Avatar
    Anthony Ruff, OSB

    Paul and Jeffrey – whoops! I’ve corrected it.

    1. Jeffrey Herbert Avatar

      Corrected? There was nothing wrong… it was just an application of dynamic equivalence. I mean, “beautification” isn’t the right word, but it does SOUND nicer than beatification, so what the heck. 🙂

  7. Fr. Allan J. McDonald Avatar

    Of course Italian as the universal language of the Mass would be a beautification of the Liturgy.

  8. Adam Wood Avatar

    By some coincidence, a member of the CMAA forum happened to have also posted a hymn text for this just this morning.

  9. Jeffrey Herbert Avatar

    Must break away from this engaging convesation to go mow the lawn…. this is the first day that it has been a) over 85 degrees and b) not raining for the past two weeks. The place looks like a jungle. For the record, I am opposed to the growth of weeds and grass in my 2010 yard… I much preferred the lack of depth in the old yard.

  10. john robert francis Avatar
    john robert francis

    I don’t think there is any danger of its replacing the ubiquitous “Resta con noi.”

  11. Cody C.  Unterseher Avatar

    I have always found Frisina’s music moving: clearly in line with the Roman choral tradition yet contemporary, pleasing harmonies and progressions, and above all congregationally singable. I wish more of his pieces, particularly those for Holy Week, were available in English.

  12. Paul Inwood Avatar
    Paul Inwood

    Interestingly, the link to the page is now not working. I wonder if it has been taken down as a result of our comments?

    JH, I have never had the problems you describe with word extensions except when my original engraving was defective and I hadn’t noticed. And yes, I was referring to things like that, but also to things like that final measure which extends the entire length of a system!

    JP: bravo for a very humorous comment!

    1. Jeffrey Pinyan Avatar

      Paul, had I more energy this morning, I would have rustled up 1973 and 1998 versions too. 😉

    2. Jeffrey Herbert Avatar


      Where I’ve noticed the problem is when there is a word extension in the LAST word on a line that extends through the FIRST measure of the next system. It works fine in the FINALE page view, but then if converted to a graphic or PDF, the extension line goes out beyond the originating sytem to the end of the page margin. This also happens with the phrase markings in the same situation. Perhaps I’m just doing the layout wrong to begin with and there is some “right” way to do it that I’m missing.

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