New missal: Liturgical Press

With this post we start a new series. Pray Tell will inform you what resources are available for transitioning to the newly-translated English missal. We start with LitPress.

With Lift Up Your Hearts, LitPress offers “music for the Order of Mass according to the third Roman Missal.”

Here is info on the people’s edition, including sample page with the Order of Mass and all the ICEL chants.

LitPress has eight Masses on offer:

1. The Psallite Mass: At the Table of the Lord by The Collegeville Composers Group.

2. Missa Iubilate Deo, Vatican Edition.

3. Mass in Honor of Saint Benedict by Robert LeBlanc.

4. Mass in A Minor by Frederick W. Strassburger.

5. Mass in Honor of Mary, Mother of God by Donald Krubsack.

6. Mass in Honor of Saint Cloud by Jay F. Hunstiger.

7. Mass in Honor of Saint Michael by Kevin Christopher Vogt.

8. An Austrian Mass by Michael Haydn, arranged by Anthony Ruff, OSB.

Coming: The ICEL chants from the Roman Missal. A keyboard arrangement of the ICEL chants, set by Anthony Ruff, OSB, will be included in the accompaniment edition of Lift Up Your Hearts. Check back this week for sample pages.

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10 responses to “New missal: Liturgical Press”

  1. Timothy Johnston Avatar
    Timothy Johnston

    Is Liturgical Press going to revise the Collegeville Hymnal? There are some great hymns in there that I cannot find in other resources.

    1. Paul Inwood Avatar
      Paul Inwood


      The Psallite project started off life as a replacement for the Collegeville Hymnal, but then (with Paul Ford’s imagination) went in a rather different direction. I think that the hymnal project is still an open book. It is possible that something may come out in the fullness of time.

  2. jeffrey Tucker Avatar

    I’m most excited about this: The Psallite Mass: At the Table of the Lord. This seems like a great model for most any parish.

    1. Paul Inwood Avatar
      Paul Inwood

      Thank you, Jeffrey! And I can tell you that the full mass setting (these are just a few excerpts) contains many more goodies in the same style that you will also like!

      1. jeffrey Tucker Avatar

        Well, Paul, you know, this whole approach is strikingly simple but sometimes the most simple output masks the most brilliant input. And the input, the insight, here really comes down to the realization that the text itself has an embedded structure and integrity that deserves to be given its own voice. In some way, this is a deeply radical vision at work here: The results are implausibly impressive and deeply touching. The editors deserve credit here for their vision in understanding the unique context for this music and the way in which music presented in a liturgical environment takes on a different character than music presented anywhere else. Sometimes it turns out that when we remove the accoutrements, the music and text take flight as never before. So congratulations to all who are involved!

      2. Christian Cosas Avatar

        I sang the Gloria from The Psallite Mass a few months ago at a workshop, and was struck by its simplicity. Last week, I was blessed with the opportunity to sing the Eucharistic Acclamations with you. The whole thing is so intuitive, it’s like the iPad of Mass settings. This is definitely one setting I’m considering for use in Advent. Kudos to you, Paul, and to the rest of the Collegeville Composers Group!

  3. Gregg Smith Avatar
    Gregg Smith

    I’d love to see “Sacred Song” as a Hardbound book! The contents are perfect.

  4. Thomas Strickland Avatar
    Thomas Strickland

    Hmm, Lift Up Your Hearts does not seem to follow the directions of ICEL for clustering of notes and placement of slurs . . .

    1. Anthony Ruff, OSB Avatar
      Anthony Ruff, OSB

      …and there will be discussions of same. Life is complicated.

      My understanding is that ICEL can’t issue directives, but they can make suggestions which a national conference (eg USCCB, BCDW) can adopt or not as policy. Is that not accurate, Tom?


  5. Thomas Strickland Avatar
    Thomas Strickland

    Yes, that is my understanding too. Just pointing out the many “variables” in this very complex “equation”!

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