Become One Body One Spirit in Christ

Crafting the Art of LiturgyThis morning I received the two copies of the long-awaited Become One Body One Spirit in Christ interactive DVD which I’d pre-ordered from the USCCB. Although I have only spent about one hour playing around so far, my initial impression is that not only is Become One Body One Spirit In Christ as visually stunning as promised but it is also filled with excellent, scholarly liturgical catechesis in a format I hope will encourage the faithful to form their consciences by exploring the history and theology of the Mass, celebrate the Eucharist more actively, and live fully the Paschal Mystery we enter into through the liturgy. One copy has already been setup on a computer in the parish library at our parish to make this resource accessible.


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  1. Ioannes Andreades Avatar
    Ioannes Andreades

    Thanks for letting us know about this. The preview looks really promising.

  2. J. Thomas Avatar
    J. Thomas

    I love the fact that when Herbert says this is the new response (2 Cor 13:13) and speaks it the biblical text on the page next to him is different although the video seems to suggest the response is a (direct?) scriptural quotation. Fellowship, Communion, be with you all, be with all of you, NAB, some other translation, 1973, 2010.1, 2010.2? I’m confused. It probably doesn’t matter…

    1. Jeffrey Pinyan Avatar


      Despite many Bible translations using “fellowship” for koinonia in 2 Cor 13:13/14, a more inclusive (“fellowship”?) and theological profound word is “communion.” I really think “communion” is the right word to use in this instance.

    2. Chris Grady Avatar
      Chris Grady

      I saw this in draft form and warned the compilers of the anomoly – to no avail!

      They could not be told anything!

      (Oh and he’s Harbert, not Herbert!)

  3. Gary Feldhege Avatar
    Gary Feldhege

    A question arose on another forum earlier today regarding the Doxology that is included on this DVD. The text (printed and chanted) on the DVD does not match the text posted on the Roman Missal site of the USCCB’s Committee on Divine Worship.

    It is also worth noting that the text on the CDW’s site itself is inconsistent. The full Order of Mass PDF provided under the tab Sample Texts—Order of Mass gives the Doxology following each Eucharistic Prayer as “…in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor is yours…” while the text provided under the tab Sample Texts—Priest’s Parts for Eucharistic Prayer I gives the Doxology as: “…in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all honor and glory is yours…”

    1. Chris Grady Avatar
      Chris Grady

      PTB has done the whole English speaking Church a great favor in exposing (because the parties involved surely did not want it to come to light) the severe discrepancies between the 2008 text the bishops approved and the 2010 text that came back from CDW after Vox Clara worked its magic.

      See the articles on here by Professor Xavier Rindfleisch.

      Kudos to PTB and shame on those in positions of power and authority who have known and done nothing.

      Those of you at CDW and on Vox Clara reading this: what have you to say for yourselves?

  4. Chris Grady Avatar
    Chris Grady

    Have you noticed how, in every frame of the interview(s) of Bishop Arthur Roche, the background lampshade is decidedly crooked?

    The crookedness, as we’ve learnt, didn’t stop there . . . but Bishop Roche, though it is his ICEL 2008 translation that has been trounced by the 2010 catastrophe, won’t do a thing about it . . . to do so would never earn the long-awaited pallium.

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