The latest on the missal timeline

Here’s the latest on the upcoming (we still think it probably is) English missal from a pretty official sources. We don’t know whether the final text is coming very soon or will be further delayed. We don’t know whether all the thousands of changes made to the submitted text will be in the final text or not. We don’t know how many further changes are being made to the ‘presentation text’ given to the Holy Father as it was granted recognitio (Roman approval). We don’t know whether the planned Advent 2011 implementation date in the US will still be possible.

Now you know. 

A good friend sends in this video which suggests that, really, everything is fine.


5 thoughts on “The latest on the missal timeline

  1. The above can also be re-told in the short narrative below:

    John: “Hey Sally. Do you want to go to the movies tonight or stay home and watch the dogs?”

    Sally: “Yes.”

    Thanks for the wealth of information!

  2. How did you get that translation done by Vox Clara when they’re so busy?

    I mean the line “On the phone I’m calling you” could ONLY have come from that august body and its even more august advisers!

  3. Wonderful clip!

    And Chris,

    from that august body and its even more august advisers

    I wonder if they’re working during August ? Oh, never mind.

    1. Aussie irony, Paul: they’re no more august than July.

      But you, of all people, knew that!

      “Up the stairs my hat throw me.”

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