Whoops! O Tempora! O Mores!*

These excerpts are from “Sacra Virginitas,” Pius XII, 1954, at the Vatican Web site. This sort of thing could happen to anyone – my worst fear is that I’ll accidentally put a link to my students’ grades or the abbey budget – so I’m quite sympathetic to those who moderate the Vatican website. At least it suggests that Rome’s teachings on sacred virginity are suited to these new times, not just the old times.

“Indeed, right from Apostolic Times New Roman this virtue has been thriving and flourishing in the garden of the Church.” (3)

“This truth, so full of encouragement, We recall to those also whose will has been weakened by upset nerves and whom some doctors, someTimes New Roman even Catholic doctors, are too quick to persuade that they should be freed from such an obligation, advancing the specious reason that they cannot preserve their chastity without suffering some harm to their mental balance.” (51)

“All holy men and women have most carefully guarded the movements of their senses and their passions, and at Times New Roman have very harshly crushed them.” (53)

“All the more reason why the young clergy, because they are to be trained in the spiritual life, in sacerdotal and religious perfection, must be separated from the tumult of the world before entering the lists of combat; for long years they must remain in a Seminary or Scholasticate where they receive a sound and careful education which provides them with a gradual approach to and a prudent knowledge of those problems which our Times New Roman have brought to the fore.” (57)

“In modern Times New Roman however there are some teachers and educators who too frequently think it their duty to initiate innocent boys and girls into the secrets of human generation in such a way as to offend their sense of shame.” (59)

*Cicero, very loosely, “O the times! O the morals!”





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  1. Jeffrey Pinyan Avatar

    I assume what happened was the font family used in the HTML was “Times” at one point, and somebody did a quick-and-dirty find-and-replace of “Times” for “Times New Roman”.


  2. Karl Liam Saur Avatar
    Karl Liam Saur

    And thoughtful writers should not use any of the Times fonts unless they actually wish to discourage reading, as those fonts were designed to compress and save space and newsprint. Think of the Times fonts as the Borgia family of the font world.

  3. Rita Ferrone Avatar
    Rita Ferrone

    Actually I have it on good authority that sans serif type is now preferred by budget-conscious organizations because it uses less ink. (All those serifs add up, evidently.)

  4. Fr. Christopher Costigan Avatar
    Fr. Christopher Costigan

    That’s why I do all my academic writing in wing-dings.

    1. Jeffrey Herbert Avatar
      Jeffrey Herbert

      It’s fun to write entire posts and then “convert” them into wingdings. It then requires the reader to cut, paste and then convert them back to an alpha-numeric font to read it. Unfortunately, in many blog programs that requires you to use a GIF or PDF insert!

  5. Diana Macalintal Avatar

    Oh, the Times New Roman, they are a changin’.

  6. Anthony Ruff, OSB Avatar
    Anthony Ruff, OSB

    The Commonweal blog linked to us today – and someone posted a comment on a quite hilarious search-and-replace mission: http://blog.washingtonpost.com/sleuth/2008/07/christian_sites_ban_on_g_word.html

    1. Jeffrey Herbert Avatar
      Jeffrey Herbert

      I’ve always called it the “Search-and-Destroy” function for just this reason. And it is often non-reversible!

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