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  • Catholic teens and sacramental reconciliation in U.S. Catholic

    Robert Nugent argues that for teens to appreciate the value of sacramental confession, we need to clearly ritualize its connection to the larger community and engage their sense of sin as injuring relationships, rather that disobeying individual (often half-understood) laws.

  • Austria: another view

    “I always say, in dubio pro papa – in doubt, for the Pope.”

  • Survey Says…

    I was curious how various translations of prayers might be received. I read aloud three translations to the choristers of the National Catholic Youth Choir. I asked only this question: “As you listen to these prayers, which do you prefer as the best wording which helps you to pray?”

  • Poll of Priests

    59% favor elimination of mandatory celibacy, 31% favor retaining it, 10% refrained from answering. 51% affirm the suitability of women for ordination.

  • What Are Young People Like?

    This is very interesting and the presentation is user-friendly. The KCs and the Marists have conducted a survey of American Millennials (age 18 to 29) on spirituality – moral values, world views, religious experiences, and social issues. They seem to be interested in spirituality, relativistic (to use a slippery term) on morality, and concerned about…