Tag: Spirituality

  • The Boston Bombings and the Body of Christ

    The UK Jesuit online magazine, Thinking Faith, asked me if I had any thoughts on the Boston bombings, seeing as I was more or less on the spot. In the end what emerged was a reflection about Corpus Christi. But it turned out as something of a rumination on the idea of real, sacramental presence…

  • Refresh my heart: Awake, O organ and guitar!

    The celebrant at Mass last night reminded us to keep an eye open, during Lent, for “thin places,” places where the barriers between us and the kingdom seem fragile, as if we might break through and see creation as God does at last.

  • Refresh my heart: Take a moment for joy

    Something about the approach of Lent always draws my heart to the liturgical ministers, catechists, pastoral staff, priests, etc who find their time commitments and demands ramping up at a season when they know they need extra nourishment and refreshment. Today I want to offer a call, and a thank you, for witnessing to the…

  • Emotional worship

    What emotions should be aroused by our worship, and how far should be willing to go to raise them?

  • All Souls’ Day meditation

    I, too, am feeling a bit bare at this time of the season…

  • A Sportive Spirituality?

    A “sportive” spirituality is rooted in prayer. It is rooted in daily prayer. Prayer – individual or communal – is one of the ways that we “practice” our baptism (see Luther’s writing on baptism in the Large Catechism, The Book of Concord, page 461).