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  • Real Presence(s)

    Real Presence(s)

    I felt somewhat glad on behalf of the various Roman Catholics I’d encountered (in person or on social media) who had absolutely no idea that this eucharistic revival was underway, much less what it was, who may have endured similar situations.

  • Developing Youth Liturgical Leadership

    Developing Youth Liturgical Leadership

    For over 25 years, Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology has offered its One Bread, One Cup liturgical leadership conferences for high school youth, and 2022 summer conferences now are in full swing. Not just an opportunity for a community-building spiritual “high,” One Bread, One Cup offers young people the opportunity to build real…

  • My Jesus Tastes Like Hand Sanitizer

    My Jesus Tastes Like Hand Sanitizer

    I don’t know about you, but when I get that sniff of hand sanitizer right before Eucharistic reception, my Jesus pretty much tastes like Purell. 

  • Faith “Unbundled”

    Faith “Unbundled”

    Faith unbundled “describes the way young people increasingly form their faith by combining elements of religious and non-religious sources rather than forming it from a single institution or tradition.”

  • I/We . . . Revisited

    I/We . . . Revisited

    In regard to the Arizona baptism situation, I know for sure that many people have been hoping a liturgical musician with a rudimentary background in liturgical theology would weigh in.

  • Corporation Christi

    Corporation Christi

    I found myself wondering why it seems that so many non-ecclesial institutions grasp evangelization and ritual better than the Church often does.

  • On Human Formation and Body Language in Liturgy

    On Human Formation and Body Language in Liturgy

    The liturgy is replete with signs, symbols, and gestures meant to indicate particular things. However, at a fundamental human level, body language also speaks.

  • A Timely Tract…on Social Injustices

    A Timely Tract…on Social Injustices

    Can you think of a social issue which hasn’t been trussed into silence by strangles of red and blue? 

  • When Do We Worship?

    When Do We Worship?

    If we sometimes wonder why people find mass boring, perhaps the answer has something to do with how well our liturgical space and action evoke a natural sense of worship and true adoration of God.