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  • When Do We Worship?

    When Do We Worship?

    If we sometimes wonder why people find mass boring, perhaps the answer has something to do with how well our liturgical space and action evoke a natural sense of worship and true adoration of God.

  • Popular Piety Spotlight: Prayers to St. Michael

    Popular Piety Spotlight: Prayers to St. Michael

    Whether prayed at the conclusion of a rosary, after mass, or at some other time, these prayers to St. Michael are part of a long tradition of regularly turning to heaven for help against forces that would try to destroy the goodness and unity of the Church.

  • Something Old, Something New

    Something Old, Something New

    The spiritual practice of devotions is an enriching one. Our spiritual/ritual lives—like any ecosystem—benefit from diversity.

  • Devotional Prayer and Community

    Devotional Prayer and Community

    In early October, I was in Nairobi teaching at a program for contemplative nuns, and afterward I spent a few days with the Benedictine nuns at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery outside the city, in rural Kiambu. As I have written about before, this is still a fairly new community, and it is fascinating…