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  • The Subversion of Vatican II?

    “When anyone reviews the litany of recent church scandals, missteps, mistakes and public relation blunders, must that person not stop a moment and ask, “Is the Holy Spirit really guiding the church today?” My answer is: Of course!” – Br. Louis DeThomasis, FSC, president of Christian Brothers Investment Services

  • End of Church? Religion Dying? Spiritual Awakening? Some Liturgical Musings.

    “The end of conventional church isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Christianity after religion, a faith renewed by the experience of God’s spirit, is closer to what Jesus hoped for his followers than the scandalous division, politics, and enmity we have now.” – Diana Butler Bass

  • Matovina on Latino transformation of US Catholicism

    Many Euro-American Catholics have emphasized liturgical reform, the role of the laity, dissent or obedience to sexual ethics teaching, the proper exercise of authority, who is called to ordination. Latinos have been more inclined to accentuate funding for youth initiatives, outreach efforts, and leadership training and formation programs, an increase in Spanish Masses, celebrations of…

  • Carpe Kairos

    I love Glennon Melton’s use of theological language to talk about the experience of parenting, and I also think it’s relevant to my experiences of liturgy. Last semester in one of my classes we discussed the fact that liturgical discipline includes worshiping when we’re not worshipful, in hope that (to use Glennon’s words) kairos will…

  • HuffPost: New Mass as New Coke

    My church has some significant challenges these days. I guess if your religion is 2,000 years old and one out of every five people on the planet belongs to it there are bound to be some “management” issues. I propose that we “improve” the way we lead first and work on the letter of the…

  • Open or Closed Architecture?

    How open or closed, architecturally, is your church? How open or closed do you want it to be?

  • Vatican Vandalism: The New English Translation of the Catholic Mass

    Will this make more Catholics love the Mass? Even at a time of such diminished credibility for the Catholic Church, most of the faithful will simply put up with the changes. More’s the pity. Nevertheless, this new translation of the Mass is obtuse, inelegant and, ultimately, unnecessary.

  • German Website Lets Users Rate Their Priests

    Hirten Barometer (“Shepherds’ Barometer”) is a German site that allows its users to rate church officials based on various criteria.

  • The Heartache and the Hope

    An Evangelical pastor attends a simple, dignified monastic liturgy, and looks forward to the day when all will be one.