Tag: Gabe Huck

  • No Good Alternatives

    Part 4 of Gabe Huck’s series on the new missal. “Now we leave translation aside to talk about a much less noticed disaster. In the 2010 missal, the Vox Clara missal, why are there no ‘alternative’ collects? These original English texts have been an element of our sacramentary since 1973.”

  • The Martyrdom of a Lovely Language

    Part 3 of Gabe Huck’s 4-part series on the new translation. “We are being told something by this new missal and we had better understand: ‘Your language doesn’t matter. Nobody’s living language matters. Latin matters.'”

  • Lost in Translation: Part 2

    Part 2 of Gabe Huck’s 4-part series. “Once you get beyond “Push” or “Pull” on the shop door, translators must make judgments where right and wrong are probably not the best words to describe what happens. No translation will say exactly what the original says to one for whom the original language is the mother…

  • Lost in Translation

    Gabe Huck writes of the problems of translating literally. “Language is more than vocabulary. Any language will have its own quite unique way to make prose or poetry do their work.”