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  • Setting polemics aside for a moment

    Theological debates go back to the origins of the Church. But recent years have seen a number of debates receiving high profiles in the media; these have typically involved militant atheists such as Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens. When Dawkins engaged in a recent debate with the Archbishop of Canterbury, I expected more…

  • Seven Candles and a Crucifix: The absurdity of Pope Benedict’s altar arrangement

    Pope Benedict’s arrangement is an ineffective compromise. The candlesticks and crucifix clutter the altar, obscuring the sacred elements and – if the candlesticks are tall, as the pope seems to prefer – making the celebrant look as though he is peering out from behind the bars of a jail cell.

  • Evelyn Waugh, Cardinal Heenan and Bitter Trials

    Ignatius Press has just published a third (!) edition of A Bitter Trial, correspondence between Evelyn Waugh and Cardinal Heenan in the years from 1962 till Waugh’s death in 1966.