Tag: Edward Schaefer

  • “Authentic Liturgy, Authentic Chant”?

    Father Anthony, Gordon Truitt, and I were asked to write about the missal of Pope Benedict XVI for the GIA Quarterly. My contribution is intended to be a contribution to the conversation about the relationship between the ordinary and the extraordinary forms of the liturgy, particularly the Mass.

  • Catholic Music Throughout the Ages by Edward Schaefer

    Anyone looking for an apologia for the use (in the author’s ideal world, the use exclusively) of Gregorian chant in the Roman Catholic liturgy today will welcome this book, which contains a historical survey of the growth and development of music in the Church, a critique of the current situation, and proposals for the future…

  • Confessions of a Cross-Prayer

    Yes, I admit it. I have gone to the “other” side. I travel 100 miles each week to attend a Tridentine Mass, and it has rejuvenated my spiritual life and my hope for the future. So how do I explain this rebellious and irrational behavior?