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  • Remembering Bishop Maurice Taylor

    Remembering Bishop Maurice Taylor

    Bishop Taylor served on the Episcopal Board of ICEL for over a decade, and was its chairman from 1997-2002.

  • Cardinal George on the New Translation in America

    Cardinal Geoprge thinks that the new translation has been “well done” and “the collects are truly beautiful.”

  • Strong words on missal translation from former ICEL chair

    “This mistaken extension of the Holy See’s role in the translation of liturgical documents has continued to be imposed.” – Bishop Maurice Taylor

  • No Good Alternatives

    Part 4 of Gabe Huck’s series on the new missal. “Now we leave translation aside to talk about a much less noticed disaster. In the 2010 missal, the Vox Clara missal, why are there no ‘alternative’ collects? These original English texts have been an element of our sacramentary since 1973.”

  • Letters to The Tablet, 17 September

    …I was responding rather sharply to a piece by Fr Allen Morris, until recently secretary of the English and Welsh bishops’ liturgy office. On 17 September, he had written a letter defending against a critic what is said in a UK edition of the new texts, namely that the bishops had been overseeing their gestation…

  • Cardinal Winning: The Shepherd Who Refused to Become a Sheep

    Mike Fallon of Scotland has written extensively on the new missal. This is his latest article.

  • The Vatican’s Tahrir Square?

    “I may be wrong, but I have the impression that at least some, perhaps many, of the bishops share the unhappiness about the new translation which is felt by many priests and lay Catholics. Yet the new translation is being promoted as a precious gift.” Fr. Kevin Kelly in a letter to the bishops of…

  • Scottish Priest Calls for Open Discussion

    The content is flawed both theologically and linguistically and it has resulted from a flawed process. So yes: there are two issues: doctrinal / theological and political / juridical. It could be argued that both emanate from the same source: an imperial / Roman mindset in the Curia which the Second Vatican Council sought to…

  • Revising the Mass Texts: Is This the Real Issue?

    “What is at issue here is not just a decision to reject the 1998 ICEL translation of the English edition of the Roman Missal which had been approved by the English Speaking Episcopal Conferences and then produce an alternative translation; there is something far more fundamental at stake. The very teaching authority of the Church…